About Us

HÄMMERLE offers a one-stop shop for all product development and manufacturing.

Our clients present us with a concept, we develop a workable design and take it from a die-making process to a market ready product.


HÄMMERLE was established in 1973, as an engineering company in Germiston specializing in  tool- and die making.

Now as a third generation manufacturing company, it has transformed and expanded into a company that does a wide range of services such as tool- and die making, product designing, plastic injection moulding and rapid prototyping.

We specialize in the designing and manufacturing of components used in South-Africa's extensive mining-, construction-, hydroponics- and retail industries.

As the business is family owned, we take pride in delivering only the best products and services to our clients to add value to their businesses.


Awarded the prestigious AEL (AECI) Technical Components Suppliers of the year in 2014